Wipe Cache Partition Nexus 7

Wipe Cache Partition Nexus 7 – Looking for a way to fix Nexus 7 lag? Is your Google Nexus 7 laggy after the Kit Kat update? Is your Nexus 7 sleeping after a general update? Read on! In this post, you’ll see how to speed things up a bit with a short and simple trick to speed up your Nexus 7.

As a very satisfied owner of the Nexus 7 (1st Gen), this is, in my opinion, the best 7-inch tablet available (replaced only by the Nexus 7 2nd and 3rd generation) ), I feel confused because that my device is noticeably slower. Going through several Android OS updates in recent weeks (most recently Kit Kat 4.4.

Wipe Cache Partition Nexus 7

Wipe Cache Partition Nexus 7

I can only say the slowness of this change like some new apps or launchers etc, can explain the extreme slowness. After doing a little research, it turns out that operating system updates generally leave some temporary files in the cache that can corrupt the new operating system. These files are operating system files like logs and temporary caches etc. No personal data or settings are stored in these files so it is safe to delete them. In particular, after the update, it offers a new clean operating system (no pun intended) that means performance. To do this, you need to do a little trick called “Wipe the Cache Partition”. Once I did this, my device seemed to be up and running and responsive again! A lot!

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Disclaimer: This is not guaranteed to make your device faster, and I do not accept any responsibility for any problems that arise from following the procedure below. This is the recommended solution to fix Nexus 7 lag.

The steps below can be very difficult/difficult to get right, so I recommend that you read through them a few times before trying. Also sorry for the quality of the screenshot (taken from my digital camera) but there is no way to take a screenshot of the Android below as it is before the OS boots properly. 1. Turn off your tablet. 2. Now press and hold Power + Volume Down until you see this screen:-

Now use the Volume keys to select Recovery (press Volume Down twice), until your screen looks like below and then press Power to select.

3. Now you should see the Google logo for 5-10 seconds before you see another blank screen and our little Android friend is looking more for wear and tear and the words “No instructions”.

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4. Now press the Power button and the Volume Up button at the same time, and count 3 full seconds (1 thousand, 2 thousand…) before releasing the Volume Up button. That will take you to the screen below. n.b. some users have reported problems with this step, so you can try the version provided by google itself (

5. Once

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