Windows Server 2012 Hyper V Licensing

Windows Server 2012 Hyper V Licensing – This always happens in my class. Because my students had to reinstall Windows Server 2012 from scratch. To give them real-life experience on how to work with Windows Server 2012 and deploy ADDS, File Server, DNS, DHCP before they even begin, etc. Here are all the steps you need to install Windows Server 2012. on Hyper-V

Please note that in this exercise I am using a newly built “Home LAB Server” with a Core i5 3470 @ 3.2oGHz, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 120GB SSD and Windows Server 2012 Data Center pre-installed guest..

Windows Server 2012 Hyper V Licensing

Windows Server 2012 Hyper V Licensing

3 – When the Virtual Switch Manager appears, click New Virtual Network Switch and to your right select the Private and Create Virtual Switch button.

Building Windows Server 2012

4 – Next, you need to give your new virtual switch a name. for this example I will rename the virtual switch to MYTESTLAB and under connection type Confirm that Private Network is selected. You can click the OK button to close the dialog box.

5 – Once you are done using the Virtual Switch Manager, right-click on your hostname server again. And this time select New –> Virtual Machine… (This step will create a new virtual machine for you to proceed with installing MS Windows.)

7 – Specify name and location. You can enter whatever name you want for your new VM, just make sure you use one that you’ll easily remember. For this exercise, I’ll be using My-DC01 (FYI: this VM will be used later for ADDS in the next exercise).

8 – After you click the next button. You’ll be presented with the Assign Memory interface where you enter the amount of RAM for your VM (keep in mind that this RAM number affects the actual RAM in your system. It’s better if you have at least 8GB @ 16GB of physical RAM. For this tutorial I will use 4096MB (4GB) of RAM.

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9 – Next step Remember that in the last step (step 3) we created a new virtual switch. It’s time for you to use & on the Networking Configure page click on MYTESLAB..

10 – After you have selected a virtual network Now you need to create a new virtual hard disk (.vhdx) in this exercise. I located my .vhdx on my desktop. And I chose 80GB size for my VM (look at the picture). If you are satisfied with the .vhdx size and .vhdx location, click Next..

11 – In the installation options dialog box Select button number 2 to install the operating system from a bootable CD/DVD-ROM. and click on the image (.iso) file, then click the Browse button and locate where you will place your existing Microsoft Windows Server 2012 installer. (in my case I will put it in my 2nd partition) and click next.

Windows Server 2012 Hyper V Licensing

13 – Next Step.. In your Hyper-V Manager, under Virtual Machines, you will see our newly created Virtual Machine (My-DC01). Please right click on My-DC01 and select Settings…

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14 – In the settings for the My-Dc01 interface (see image) click on Processor and on the right side type 4 as the number of virtual processors and click OK. This is ADDS and other services on My- DC01 VM to ensure we have enough resources after deployment.

15 – Again, in your Hyper-V Manager, right-click on My-DC01 and click the Connect… button to start the VM interface so we can continue installing Windows Server 2012.

17 – In Seconds You will see the familiar windows setup interface. You can select the language to install. Time and currency format and keyboard or input method then click next

20 – Select the operating system you want to install.. You click Windows Server 2012 Data Center (Server with GUI), and then click Next.

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22 – Next step, what type of installation do you want? Click Custom: Install Windows only (advanced).. We’ll choose this one because this is our new VM and it’s a new vhdx.

23 – Where do you want to install windows? Click drive 0 and click next button.. (don’t create any partition @ format partition manually Because the process will handle all after you click next) ** If you want to add more partitions, settings after it’s done, we can do it..

24 – Next, when Windows is installed we wait about 5 – 7 minutes for the process to do everything (sit back..)

Windows Server 2012 Hyper V Licensing

25 – After completing the process your VM will restart. You don’t need to do anything else… Your Windows Server 2012 installer is preparing your device.

Windows Server 2012 R2: A First Look

26 – Once the VM restarts you will get a setup interface where you need to enter your new password.. Click the Done button when you’re done using your password.

27 – You can now login to the newly created VM by pressing CTRL+AlT+END (remember, you are now connected to a Hyper-V virtual machine, so you cannot use CTRL+ALT+DEL)

28 – Please enter the password you just created in your admin password and press Enter…

31 – Next, go to Metro UI (click Windows button on keyboard), right click on Computer and click Properties..

Windows Server Licensing Explained

32 – When you click Properties You will get the system properties interface. And please rename your server 2012 VM (computer name) to any name you want. For this exercise, I’ll use DC01. Then click OK and restart now to restart your VM. Click the button..

34 – Next step, go to the desktop of your computer. You will see 1 .vhdx file (My-DC01). Go to file properties. And check if you have about 8GB for My-DC01.vhdx file. You just installed Windows Server 2012.

35 – Next, right-click on My-Dc01.vhdx and copy the same file on your computer desktop so that you have a 2nd copy of My-DC01 and rename it to Backup DC.

Windows Server 2012 Hyper V Licensing

We just did.. the alternate DC you just created. We will use it in my next post.. behind the scenes “Automatic Virtual Machine Activation” is available for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter, Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Datacenter, and Microsoft Windows Hyper-V for Server 2019 Datacenter, but only if datacenter versions are enabled. With this feature, Hyper-V Host can automatically activate all supported Windows Server operating systems starting from Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, but only its own version e.g. Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter Hyper-V cannot activate Windows Server 2016. Yes, this feature limitation for the Datacenter edition is due to the unlimited virtual Windows Server visitors included in the Datacenter license. involved during software verification in the AVMA license key is simplified.

Comparison Of Windows Server 2012 Hyper V And Vmware Sphere

On the installed server operating system, only one AVMA key must be entered during installation, these, for example KMS keys, are always the same: AVMA license key.

The AVMA key can be entered during installation or later, such as the KMS client key, with the command:

This article is a translation from the article. “Automatische Virtuelle Maschinen Aktivierung (AVMA) mit Windows Server Datacenter (Update)” (Published – 2019-01-08). Links may refer to other articles. which may also be available in English

I still use screenshots of the German system, however, if I can, I will include screenshots of the English system.

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Active Directory Autopilot Administrative Templates Azure AD Charts Cloud Creative Common Deployment DNS Edge GPO Group Policy Image Installation Internet Explorer LAPS Licenses LifeCycle MDT Microsoft Microsoft 365 Microsoft Intune Migration 2020 Office Office365 Office 2013 Office 20116 Office Life Security Software SMCC Power 2019 Policy Software Distribution Windows10 Windows 10 Windows 10 Enterprise Windows 10 Professional Windows 11 Windows as a Service Windows Deployment Service Windows Server 2012R2 Windows Server 2016 among experts Not to mention the fans, VMware is a flawless leader. And that’s an opinion based on a personal question. Cloud design looks at VMware first.

It is desirable to note that the perception of these products has historical origins, which often arise from the opinion of data center experts who have built and managed cloud over a long time and today. don’t live anymore is no longer in its current state

The first true “bare metal” virtualization appeared in Microsoft Win SRV 2008 along with the existing Hyper-V V3. By getting some tools to create a private cloud with System Center.

Windows Server 2012 Hyper V Licensing

This was the beginning when the industry and the IT community first paid attention to Microsoft as a potential player in the virtualization market. And started comparing these two platforms. Yes, VMWare vSphere Standard Edition in Hyper-V was hardly supported. It was clear Microsoft couldn’t use much of these back then.

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