Squaredup Dashboard Server

Squaredup Dashboard Server – This version of Dashboard Server includes many features that have been highly requested by the community. Based on this user feedback, we’ve added exciting new visualizations, features and improvements.

Read more to learn about the latest updates or grab the full webinar recording at the bottom of the blog for a detailed demo by Senior Solutions Engineer Ashley Thompson.

Squaredup Dashboard Server

Squaredup Dashboard Server

The tree view pane lets you see the hierarchy and health status of your SCOM objects at a glance.

Dashboard Server Standalone

Now you can perform quick actions such as one-click drilling directly to the component causing the problem.

This is especially useful if you need clarification during root cause analysis. A tile can be covered with any SCOM object and show all its children. With the help of additional display options, you can filter fitness facilities and choose the depth of the tree suitable for your use case.

The Sunburst tile allows you to visualize your SCOM objects in a unique way – it provides a visual representation of both the state and the relationships between objects.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to use it. Start with a quick overview of Sunburst content, which represents a top-level view of your environment. Then move to the outermost circle, which represents the lowest-level part that might be causing the problem.

Squared Up Version 3, A Tech Preview

By rotating the Sunburst with the mouse, you get a clear view of all the stickers, regardless of their orientation, and with the help of additional display options, you can customize the look and feel of the tile.

When the Sunburst tile is combined with the EAM-X, you can examine all of your glassware in a single pane of SquaredUp observation portal extensions. It’s easy to navigate and you can drill down into root cause analysis with just one click.

One of SquaredUp’s most popular tiles is the Status tile. The status panel now supports TOP N, so you can limit the number of items displayed, giving you more focus and ensuring your dashboard looks consistent.

Squaredup Dashboard Server

We’ve also added the ability to wrap stickers to further optimize the display of this important screen.

Squaredup Community Dashboard Server Software Reviews, Demo & Pricing

The SCOM Monitor tile now also benefits from TOP N functions and the possibility to sort by health status.

For a detailed walkthrough of the improvements in SquaredUp Dashboard Server 5.6, check out this full presentation by Senior Solutions Engineer Ashley Thompson.

And don’t forget the┬ácommunity dashboard. You can see dashboards already created by others and get code from our dashboard gallery. You can also donate your own dashboard and get a chance to win LEGO prizes. We see how much you love SquaredUp. However, we also know that opening up access to your data in SCOM and Azure sometimes prevents you from sharing the joy of a powerful dashboard with other teams.

What if you were trying to get an overview of multiple SCOM management groups without having to log into each one individually?

Squaredup Dashboard Server

Dashboard Server includes all the amazing connections and integrations in the latest Connect and EAM pricing tiers for SCOM and Azure systems, so you can do anything you want with a dashboard, but no SCOM or Azure binding. You can install it on any Windows server in the cloud or on premises.

With the flexibility of Dashboard Server, you can create a dashboard for any team in your organization for any data without having to share your SCOM and Azure data as well.

(However, it doesn’t give you the insights to get to the root causes. So SquaredUp for SCOM and Azure is particularly powerful for these use cases.)

Squaredup Dashboard Server

And if the three named users in the free Dashboard Server option aren’t enough for your organization, you can purchase Dashboard Server Enterprise, which includes 10+ users, Team Folders for access control, a developer license, and some other enterprise apps. integrations.

Icinga Monitoring Vs. Squaredup Scom Edition

With your data free from your SCOM or Azure environment in Dashboard Server, you can deliver a beautiful, simple dashboard that the rest of your organization will want.

Does your service team need a dashboard to track their tickets, satisfaction scores, and high priority cases pulled from ServiceNow?

Or maybe management needs business KPIs at a glance, pulled from Salesforce and Sage, and application time is also visible?

Maybe Finance is monitoring your dashboard and it could easily be such an overview of their applications.

Veeam Availability Console Api And Squaredup

You can even embed Open Access into your SCOM and Azure Dashboard Server dashboard if others need to see that information.

SquaredUp for SCOM is also perfect for Dashboard Server when multiple business units each have their own SCOM management team with SquaredUp for SCOM, but you also want to manage all instances without logging in.

Create an overview dashboard for each instance of SquaredUp for SCOM and share it with Open Access. Then embed all of your Open Access SCOM dashboards into Dashboard Server to see them all in one place.

Squaredup Dashboard Server

All of your SCOM teams get a powerful, drill-down SCOM dashboard, and the business team gets an overview of their KPIs. Dashboard Server becomes your main management system with a consistent experience no matter where the data comes from.

Squaredup Community Dashboard Server Price, Reviews & Ratings

Provide everyone with the SquaredUp experience with the SquaredUp Dashboard Server for your entire team or as a “master” dashboard.

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