Power Distribution Unit For Server Rack

Power Distribution Unit For Server Rack – Offering rack-mounted PDUs gives customers the density and flexibility they need, whether you’re looking for PDUs for server racks or changing environments. PDUs have the footprint and density needed to do this effectively.

EPDU G3 technology, found in all of their server rack-mounted power distribution units (PDUs), provides best-in-class power distribution with a full line of basic PDUs, metered PDUs, metered PDUs,  managed PDUs – and high density PDUs. Each of these rack PDU types offers different options to meet the needs of your IT environment. Serverrack PDUs are ready for deployment in any application, from small/medium business network cabinets to enterprise data centers.

Power Distribution Unit For Server Rack

Power Distribution Unit For Server Rack

Basic PDU With reliable and economical power distribution, the basic PDU offers IEC outlets, tool-free installation in server racks, color-coded sockets and high operating temperature.

Pdu With Surge Protection Metered 240v 50a Single Phase Server Mining Case Metered Rack Pdu

PDU with metering input With all the functions of the basic PDU, the PDU with metering input allows to reduce infrastructure costs by connecting up to eight PDUs under one IP address. A metered input PDU simplifies load balancing and helps prevent congestion.

PDU with Metering Output Monitor and measure critical power quality factors such as voltage, current and power consumption with a metered outlet PDU. These server rack-mountable PDUs help save energy with Level 3 energy efficiency, ideal for optimizing data center performance.

Managed PDUs Also known as switched PDUs, managed PDUs offer the same power quality measurement and monitoring capabilities as PDUs with additional built-in controls. Improve outlet level control with remote on/off and group restart for A and B feeds.

High Density PDU The latest addition to the G3 series, the High Density (HD) PDU has everything you’ve come to expect from rack-mount PDUs, with the added bonus of configurability. The HD PDU is a fully configurable PDU. With options to select input power, circuit protection and outlet types, this PDU provides exactly what your specific data center needs.

Startech.com 1u 19 Inch 8 Port Rack Mount Pdu

Flexible installation options facilitate a box-to-rack experience, enabling quick and easy setup without the need for tools or electricians.

Designed with real-world applications in mind, G3 PDUs include features that allow you to maintain continuous uptime, achieve operational stability and monitor your environment, all while reducing costs and improving performance.

Advanced management features allow you to take control of your IT environment from a granular level, giving you confidence in your equipment’s performance and the freedom to focus on more critical tasks.

Power Distribution Unit For Server Rack

Take power distribution to the next level with server rack PDUs designed with your data center in mind.

Rack Mount Pdu Power Distribution Unit 19

Up to 54 42U outlets, or fewer depending on server rack size, provide all the power distribution needed for your IT application. It is the most efficient way to produce and distribute electricity. 3-phase power is used in data centers to support high-density IT applications and minimize the cost of the cables that deliver that power. One of the early challenges of three-phase power was load balancing. In the past, this meant carefully dividing the power evenly across the three branches of the PDU rack so that you could draw roughly equal current on each branch. Now server technology offers 3-phase PDUs with alternating phase. This allows the current to be phased per outlet instead of per branch.

Three-phase power is used in data centers to support high-density IT applications and minimize the cost of the cables that deliver that power. This paper discusses the importance of load balancing between phases and how the use of PDUs that have alternating phase outputs simplifies the load balancing process. Simplify 3-phase power balancing with alternating phase technology. Read the summary today.

Server technology’s power strategy experts are trusted to deliver Rack PDU solutions to demanding data centers around the world, from small tech startups to Fortune 100 powerhouses. Because power is everything we do, you’ll find us at the best cloud and colocation providers, the lab’s advanced thinking and telecom operations. Server technology users consistently rank us as the provider of the highest quality PDUs, best customer support and most valuable innovation. Let us show you; we have over 12,000 PDU configurations to suit all data center needs. Only with server technology will customers stay powered, supported and thrive.

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