Phlebotomy Positions Available Near Me

Phlebotomy Positions Available Near Me – Growth for phlebotomy careers is much faster than the average for all other job types—the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts it will grow 17% by 2029. That’s not surprising, as medical discoveries and treatments — and the ability to find more and more information from blood samples — send more doctors and other providers to the lab. For phlebotomist professionals, this is good news, and one of the areas you may not have explored is travel phlebotomist jobs.

As a traveling phlebotomist, you can expect a variety of benefits, including a competitive salary. But what attracts many people to healthcare is the variety it offers and the ability to explore parts of the country you’d never visit. When you choose to become a fellow traveler with Club Staffing, you pack your bags and our recruiters help you find a role that ticks all the boxes for personal and career development.

Phlebotomy Positions Available Near Me

Phlebotomy Positions Available Near Me

Travel phlebotomists working with club employees earn between $900 and $1,500 per week, including free except for medical, dental and vision, life insurance and 401(k) options, as well as benefits such as housing or lodging allowances. has been done

Phlebotomy Technician Job Description

Disclaimer: Phlebotomist salaries are based on average rates and may be affected by facility and seasonal budgets and may include a combination of taxable and non-taxable income and expenses. Basic Functions: Performs various functions in collecting specimens from patients. For laboratory procedures used in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Draws and collects blood samples, verifies patient records and prepares samples for laboratory analysis. You can prick your finger to draw blood. Performs drug screens and alcohol tests. Uses a variety of techniques to perform the duties of the position. Administrative duties including but not limited to processing department emails, answering the multiline telephone system and answering email and fax inquiries. On-call duties may be required. Carrier services may be required as needed. Performs other tasks as assigned.

Education: Certification as a phlebotomist is preferred. Must have current BLS card within 3 months of initial employment and maintain current status during GRHD employment.

*Signing bonus available for full-time positions. 25% will be paid in 2 weeks, 25% in 6 months and 50% after one year.

Thank you for considering Grand River Health for your career. We pride ourselves on a commitment to patient care that can help drive our mission, vision and keys to growth.

How To Become A Phlebotomist

Our main hospital campus is located in Rifle, Colorado just 23 minutes west of Glenwood Springs and 1 hour east of Grand Junction. The town of Rifle offers year-round recreation that the outdoor enthusiast can imagine – all located on Colorado’s beautiful Western Slope. Grand River Health proudly offers a comprehensive benefits package in class that far exceeds the market average.

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Phlebotomy Positions Available Near Me

Blood draw is limited to the first 300 patients per health fair, after the first 300 patients, kits will be available for use in our lab […]

Job Skills For Phlebotomists With A Resume Example

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Grand River Health will hold several “round table” discussions with you, our community, to help us plan for future health care needs in our district. We want to hear […]

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Phlebotomist Cover Letter Examples & Expert Tips [free] ·

Our In-Demand Career Spotlight series will focus on careers in the medical and dental industries where demand for skilled workers exceeds supply. At Advantage Career Institute’s School of Medicine and Dentistry, you can be accepted into these in-demand careers in three to six months, with the training and skills you need for your new career.

Phlebotomists typically earn between $13.00 and $20.00 an hour. Salary usually depends on where they work. Phlebotomists may work in a hospital, specialty clinic, doctor’s office, blood donation center, or diagnostic laboratory. The Bureau of Labor Statistics said job growth for phlebotomists is expected to increase by 24% between 2016 and 2026, which is much higher than the average for all occupations.

Upon completion of our medical assistant certificate program, students will have the skills and knowledge to handle the responsibilities of a phlebotomist in three to eight months. We also offer a second phlebotomy technician certificate program, designed primarily for those already working in the medical field.

Phlebotomy Positions Available Near Me

Classes are starting soon. To learn more about this exciting new career opportunity and take the next step toward an in-demand job in a growing industry, contact us today.

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Contact us today for more information on finding the right program for you and enrolling in the School of Medicine and Dentistry.

I’m not telling you it will be easy, I’m telling you it’s worth it.

A dream written down in a day becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. An action-backed plan makes your dreams come true.

The secret to success is knowing where you are in life, asking good questions, then doing the right thing. Phlebotomists collect blood for donation or testing, so the blood can be analyzed in a clinical laboratory. Blood tests are used to diagnose disease, evaluate the effectiveness of medications, and ensure that the patient is receiving proper nutrition.

Phlebotomy Training Program

To collect blood from the arm, the phlebotomist first introduces himself to the patient, properly identifies the patient, washes their hands, puts on gloves, and applies a tourniquet to the upper arm to slow blood flow. . An alcohol swab is used to disinfect a small area near the inside of the arm. The phlebotomist then locates a vein and inserts a needle, releasing the bag before withdrawing the needle, after removing the needle, discarding the needle immediately into a biological container. This procedure is called “venipuncture”. Phlebotomists should wash their hands after removing gloves. Phlebotomists may also take a blood sample by puncturing the skin, such as pricking a finger to check a patient’s blood sugar or blood type.

The phlebotomist must ensure that all instruments are thoroughly cleaned before being used to collect blood. Proper labelling, proper storage and careful transportation are also key responsibilities.

Misidentification or contamination of a blood sample can have serious consequences because medical professionals rely on blood test results to diagnose patients and monitor treatment progress.

Phlebotomy Positions Available Near Me

Phlebotomists must follow strict safety protocols to avoid direct contact with blood. HIV And many infectious diseases, including hepatitis, can be spread through blood contact. Even a small amount can cause a “needle” injury and possible infection.

Diploma In Phlebotomy

Phlebotomists work in clinical laboratories, hospitals, community health centers, nursing homes, doctors’ offices, blood donation centers and other health care facilities. They are usually supervised by a clinical laboratory technologist or other medical professional.

A phlebotomist must be very precise and careful. In a busy facility, they may take dozens of blood samples during a routine transfer. They must be able to work under pressure without sacrificing accuracy or safety.

Many patients are afraid of needles, so the phlebotomist’s first task is to put the patient at ease. The phlebotomist must be able to handle difficult, emotional, and even angry patients.

Successful insertion of a needle into a vein requires fine motor skills. Phlebotomists must also be well organized, with great attention to detail.

Phlebotomist Job Description

Phlebotomists are paid hourly. Phlebotomist salaries vary by location, shift, training and experience. The average phlebotomist earns between $25,177 and $30,470 per year.

To become a phlebotomist, you must graduate from high school and complete a training program. The training program includes studies in anatomy, blood collection procedures, proper storage and handling of blood samples and safety precautions. There are more than 200 accredited phlebotomy training programs at community colleges and vocational schools across the country.

Many employers will only hire phlebotomists who have successfully passed the certification exam. To pass the exam, you must complete a training program and perform 100 successful punctures and 25 skin punctures.

Phlebotomy Positions Available Near Me

The National Phlebotomy Association requires 200 hours of training, which includes clinical experience. Students must also pass a national certification exam with a score of 70% or better. Continuing education is required to maintain certification. Search for online degrees

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