Pelican Server Rack

Pelican Server Rack – Hardigg™ Rack-Mount Boxes are world-renowned as the toughest and smartest shipping systems available for commercial, industrial and military shippers. Our innovative design process and rigorous testing methods continue to result in patented superior developments that ensure vital, sensitive and expensive electronic devices remain protected.

Hardigg™ Rack-Mount cases withstand repeated drops, shocks and soaks while protecting your gear. When it comes to electronics, nothing offers better protection than a Hardigg™ Rackmount case. From the superior protection of the Classic Rack chassis, to the removable rack option offered by the SuperMAC™ Rack chassis, to the smaller footprints of the MAC Rack™ and ProRack™ chassis, -Hardigg has a solution that fits exactly your transportation and protection needs . . .

Pelican Server Rack

Pelican Server Rack

All -Hardigg™ Rack-Mount enclosures have robust roto-molded outer enclosures that withstand any abuse, any drop, any environment without damage.

I Have Been Self Hosting For Many Years, And Just Recently Built An Unraid Server. Here’s The Backbone Of My Home Network.

A Durable molded color B Molded, grooved tongue seal lines are tight and stay that way after impact. C Patented molded metal inserts for hinge retention and attachment points provide strength and spread loads across the container wall. maximum integrity D Molded male/female stacking ribs for secure storage E Patented anti-shear locks that prevent enclosure doors from coming off center even after impact and minimize stress on precision equipment G Molded ribs provide additional columnar strength H One-piece rotomolded body and covers I – Hardigg’s patented, large design Comfort Grip™ grips are standard on most cases

J BLACKBOX ONLY BLACKBOX comes standard with solid steel frame K Interference lock coil spring studs at each corner for maximum structural integrity L Designed to meet ANSI/EIA-310-C for universal rack mount hole pattern M Aircraft grade, precision tempered 6061 – T6 aluminum provides a high strength-to-weight ratio N Fully buried hardware protected against external impact damage O Exceeds Air Transport Association (ATA) Category I specification 300 P Reinforced corners and edges (areas high stress) 15 to 20% more material Q Splash and rain resistant – waterproof/waterproof available

The fragility of an item is normally expressed in “G” units. G units are a measure of the force exerted on objects by gravity. Products with a higher G-force require less protection against shock and vibration. For example, an object with a fragility of 20 G will be damaged when subjected to a force of 20 times normal gravity. The fragility of an instrument or piece of equipment is usually determined by laboratory tests.

Used for highly sensitive and heavy diagnostic equipment that needs to travel but cannot withstand shock or vibration

Classic V 4u

Used for fragile equipment that needs to travel but cannot withstand shock or vibration. It also has to fit in a tight space

Used for moderately fragile equipment that requires impact protection and is used in a confined work environment

Used for very rugged light equipment that needs a travel bag to keep it dry and dust free during transport

Pelican Server Rack

Cylindrical shock mounts attached directly to the case wall to isolate the equipment from vibration as well as impact forces.

Peli Super V 3u Shockproof Rack Mount Case

Medium use Better shock and vibration protection (up to 170 lbs) Easy foundation handling and weather resistance Easy foundation handling and weather protection

Shock Mounts Cylindrical shock mounts isolate equipment from vibration and shock forces. strong Cylindrical impact wedges isolate the equipment from vibration as well as impact forces. No shock mount system; Chassis Mounted Aluminum Rack Shock and Vibration Protection Provides maximum shock and vibration protection in the widest range of sizes and optional accessories. It features a narrower chassis body to save space, but still includes shock and vibration protection. It offers a chassis with good vibration protection using impact springs. Provides good impact protection in a pre-configured case for those purchased in Ready sizes 5 Provides good impact protection in a pre-configured case for those purchased in Ready sizes 7 Provides a pre-configured case made from recycled materials in 7 sizes. Offers a lightweight, space-saving housing for protection against rain, dust, and surface impacts. Rapid Military Deployment, Memory Storage Devices, Precision Laboratory Equipment, Calibrated Diagnostic/Test Equipment, Military Rapid Deployment Aviation Instruments, Consoles/Control Panels, Radar/Microwave Antennas, Solid State Electronics, Communications Equipment television uses rapid military deployment, field deployment applications, Consoles/Control Panels, broadcast equipment Industrial and consumer applications for square hole rack. These racks accept both standard mounting hardware (SAE or M6). Radios and Amplifiers, Solid State Equipment, Field Test Equipment Semi-Fragile Medical Equipment, Radios and Amplifiers, Field Test Equipment Configuration Fully Configurable (Made to Order and Customizable) Ready (In Stock and Ready to Ship) stock and ready to ship) ) Ready (In stock and ready to ship) Configurable and made to order

Engineers have years of experience designing a case from concept to implementation. You can have any of our special case experts call you to start your project. Fill out the form below to request a search.

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