Now Hiring Cna Near Me

Now Hiring Cna Near Me – Now hiring CNAs, RNs and LPNs for full-time positions! Benefits include weekend program and bonuses! The recruitment open day is on February 20 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m

The nurses and CNAs were great. They treated me with respect and… Read more – Mary Brenke

Now Hiring Cna Near Me

Now Hiring Cna Near Me

Medilodge in the Capital Region seemed like a good fit for me… Read more – David Vincent

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I have come so far from the beginning. From the first day my… Read more – Veronica Schneider

I had a bad experience at another facility, so when my daughter suggested… Read more – Rod Mahaffey

I researched to find a place for my mother when… Read more – Martha Maddog

Capital Area Medilodge was offered by the V.A Hospital in Detroit and I am delighted to… Read more – Patrick R.

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I was here for the first five or six weeks and I… Read more – Kimberly Hillier

My mom recommended Capital Area Medilodge to me. She went online, read… Read more – Jennifer Stevens

My name is Mary Brenke. I had been to Medilodge in the capital area before, so when the doctors at the hospital asked me where I wanted to go for rehab, I quickly chose Medilodge. All sections were great, but I would single out nursing and therapy. The nurses and CNAs were great. They treated me with respect and were very polite. The girls in therapy were just amazing. Even when they cooperated with me and encouraged me, I was not ready to act. I am truly grateful to them. I have nothing but fond memories of this place. I enjoyed my stay and the food was good. My only regret is that I played more bingo!

Now Hiring Cna Near Me

All the staff were really great. The food was really delicious. Everyone always had a smile and a kind word. There were many activities such as: bowling, bingo, crafts, puzzles, rock paintings, popcorn and movies.

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Capital Area’s Medilodge seemed perfect for me. All the staff on the floor were completely professional and caring. The staff here are some of the best I have ever experienced.

I have come so far from the beginning. From my first day to my last day. Physiotherapy has helped me in many ways, they have helped my tremors to be better than before. If before I couldn’t even hold my head up, now I can. I can walk, eat and talk better on my own. Now I can communicate better with other people. The nurses have always been very professional and kind. The administrative staff have also been very helpful and kind to me. I have become very close to everyone and I am going to miss a lot of people here. The nursing assistants have been helpful and I am glad I had the opportunity to come to Medilodge as I can now be independent. I would like to thank everyone at Medilodge for always going above and beyond my expectations.

I had a bad experience at another facility, so when my daughter suggested Capital Area Medilodge, I said yes. I’m glad I did. The physical therapists were great. They treated me with great respect and made me feel like an individual. When they made me walk, there was always someone in a wheelchair behind to make sure I was safe. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the gym and went down there instead of staying in my room watching TV. When I came to the gym, they always did something for me. I was also happy to see them helping other residents. You can tell they love their job. I have had a very positive experience with the people here. I think the doctors, nurses and kitchen staff are all great.

When I found Capital Area Medilodge, I did some research to find a place for my mom. When I was injured and needed rehabilitation, I remembered that I had the admissions coordinator’s card, called her and came here. I will say that nursing and activities stood out for me. The nurses were always ready to take care of me. The activities part was great. They organized many activities every day. I loved to paint and I loved “movie and popcorn days.” I also enjoy bingo. It was just great. One of my best days was the day I saw a hospice resident who was always in bed circling his wife. He was so excited because he didn’t know they could do it again. Seeing this touched me. I think the team here is doing a really amazing job!

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The Detroit V.A Hospital suggested Capital Area Medilodge and I’m glad they did. Every experience I had at this place was positive. The people at Capital Area Medilodge are very professional and I honestly felt they cared about my health and well being. I was treated with respect and courtesy. It really is the perfect place to recover.

I was here for the first five or six weeks and I loved my experience. When I recently needed rehabilitation, the hospital offered me several options and I chose Capital Area’s Medilodge. I would like to give a special mention to CNA. They were kind, always helpful and treated me with respect. I never felt like I was a burden to them. My physical therapists were great as well. They took over and instilled a lot of confidence in me. Two things really stood out to me. I really appreciate the constant follow up. I wasn’t just left in the room. There was always someone checking on me and even if I had any requests, someone informed me of my requests. Another thing that stood out to me was the expertise and training of the physiotherapists. They were extraordinary.

My mom recommended Capital Area Medilodge to me. He went online, read about the place, and then took a tour. After the tour he came over and told me he found me the perfect place for rehab. He was right! All the departments were excellent to me, mainly because they were concerned about my health. The food wasn’t half bad and the nurses and doctors were great. The PT staff helped me regain my confidence. The nursing staff was also excellent. Learning to walk again was definitely one of the highlights of my time at Medilodge in the capital. I also made many friends with the staff and residents. I loved my roommate. I called him my partner in crime because we often went to the vending machines for treats. Overall, I enjoyed hanging out with the other residents. Interested in becoming a CNA? You are not alone. Many people come to us searching for “CNA classes near me” or “CNA programs near me” because this is a growing field with many opportunities.

Now Hiring Cna Near Me

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, sometimes called a Certified Nursing Assistant, is a great career move for a very special type of person. And we’re not just saying this to feel good…it takes someone special to be human and do all the things they do! Let’s take a look at what you need to know to become a CNA

What Does A Certified Nursing Assistant Do? Your Guide

First of all, you must be a team player who does not mind the tasks assigned to him. Someone who wants to become a CNA will work very closely with the basic day-to-day care needs of patients, so a big heart and being a people person is a must!

On the technical side, you need to complete a CNA program like the one we offer at our Fort Collins training center. 66 hours of classroom theory and skills are required, as well as 16 hours of clinical experience. After that, you are eligible to take the exam to become a Colorado CNA.

CNAs work wherever you find nurses. This includes private hospitals as well as public and local hospitals.

However, the most common place you’ll find a CNA is in nursing homes and other types of long-term care facilities. CNAs often work with the elderly, caring for their basic needs and providing emotional support.

Difference Between Cna And Stna

Regardless of where a CNA ends up, they take care of the daily needs of patients or people living in a nursing home. Because they spend so much time with patients, CNAs often form special bonds with those they care for. In fact, no one in a nursing home is more involved in the lives of patients than CNAs. This means that the CNA is with the patient in all their aspects

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