Migrate Oracle Database From Aix To Linux

Migrate Oracle Database From Aix To Linux – This solution describes a migration from an IBM AIX Unix platform to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) on Azure. A real world example is a Health and Human Services application for a large client. The reduction of transaction time and latency is a key requirement for both legacy and Azure systems. The main function is to store customer information in a database connected to a network file store containing related graphic images. Azure addresses this need with NetApp Azure Files.

Azure App Service environments are ideal for applications that require high scalability, isolation, and secure network access. This feature provides separate and dedicated environments for securely running large application service applications. Application service environments can host the following types of applications:

Migrate Oracle Database From Aix To Linux

Migrate Oracle Database From Aix To Linux

The main difference between a traditional system and a cloud implementation is the management of the network partition. The legacy system separated networks and firewalls. A cloud platform like Azure separates networks and virtual networks and network security teams filter traffic based on various criteria.

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Another difference between the systems is their high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) models. In a traditional system, HA/DR usually uses redundancy, and sometimes redundant servers are used in the same data center. This configuration provided simple DR, but lacked the capabilities of HA. Improving HA/DR is essential to moving to an Azure platform. Azure uses clustering, shared storage, and Azure Site Recovery to provide a high level of HA/DR. The migration process requires you to prepare the database before OFSAA migrates and proceed with the migration. The following sections provide details.

After preparing the database environment, migrate OFSAA from AIX or Solaris x86 to Linux or Solaris SPARC using the procedure in this section.

To migrate an OFSAA instance from an AIX or Solaris x86 operating system to Solaris SPARC or Oracle Linux, follow these steps:

1.Identify the Oracle Solaris SPARC or Oracle Linux operating system machine you are planning to migrate the OFSAA v8.0.x.x.x model to and check version compatibility. For v8.1.x.x.x supported Oracle Solaris SPARC and Oracle Linux operating system versions, see Oracle Financial Services Analytics Applications Technology Matrix

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If your web server is IBM WebSphere on AIX, the operating system for OFSAA v8.1x.x.x must be Oracle Linux. Solaris SPARC is not compatible with IBM WebSphere.

2.Install the OFSAA v8.0.x.x.x template on the machine where you prepared the temporary PDB. See the Configuring an Oracle 19c Database section for more information.

§ Make sure the Infodom name is the same in the source and target OS configuration. This setting affects the creation of schemas.

Migrate Oracle Database From Aix To Linux

§ Make sure the following installation parameters match those of the AIX or Solaris x86 model when configuring the OFSAAI_InstallConfig.xml file:

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· Installation directory: where the product files will be installed. Give 755 permissions to this directory and set it as FIC_HOME.

· The staging area or metadata repository (aka FTPSHARE directory) where application metadata artifacts are stored and serves as a staging area for flat files. The directory must be on the same system as the OFSAA entry. This directory can be configured on a different mount or a different user account. However, the owner of the installation directory must have RWX permissions on that directory. Give permission 775 to this directory.

· Context Name is the name of the web application context used to create the URL to access the OFSAA application.

· The web server type is the web application server where the OFSAA Infrastructure web components are deployed.

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B.Replace the Reveleus.SEC and AESCryptKey.ext encryption key files in the $FIC_HOME/conf directory on the AIX or Solaris x86 server and paths on the Oracle Linux or Solaris SPARC server.

C. Replace the encryption key file AESCryptKey.ext in the $FIC_HOME/ficweb/webroot/conf directory on an AIX or Solaris x86 server with the paths on an Oracle Linux or Solaris SPARC server.

D.Apply this new environment to the configuration and atomic programs of the original PDB by replacing the JDBC URL. Run the PortC utility on your Oracle Linux or Solaris SPARC configuration.

Migrate Oracle Database From Aix To Linux

For more information, see the Running Port Changer Utility section in the Oracle Financial Services Advanced Analytics Applications Infrastructure Administration Guide.

Aix & Linux

The above procedure changes the IP and hostname from an AIX or Solaris x86 configuration to that of an Oracle Linux or Solaris SPARC configuration.

E.Update the BATCH_PARAMETER_MASTER and BATCH_PARAMETER tables related to the ICC batch for the new IP after the PortC device is operational. Run the following SQL queries replacing with the host name or IP address of the Oracle Linux or Solaris SPARC configuration and verify the changes:

If Distributed Activation Manager (AM) is enabled on an OFSAA instance in an AIX or Solaris x86 environment, see the Distributed Activation Manager (AM) section in the Infrastructure Administration Guide for advanced diagnostic applications and Oracle to obtain a domain name and IP. address. requirements

F.Modify the ORACLE_SID parameter in the Oracle Linux or Solaris SPARC configuration .profile file as shown below:

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G.Change the Web server connection source setting in the Oracle Linux or Solaris SPARC environment to the JDBC URL setting in the AIX or Solaris x86 configuration. See the Configuring Resources on Web Application Servers section of the Oracle Financial Services Advanced Analytic Application Infrastructure Guide for information about configuring connection pooling.

H.On an Oracle Linux or Solaris SPARC OFSAA server, open a command prompt, navigate to the $FIC_WEB_HOME directory, and run the ./ant.sh command. The EAR or WAR file – .ear/.war – is created in the $FIC_WEB_HOME directory.

I.Deploy the EAR or WAR file to the OFSAA instance web server in an Oracle Linux or Solaris SPARC environment.

Migrate Oracle Database From Aix To Linux

5.In the OFSAA instance in an Oracle Linux or Solaris SPARC environment, start all services and check if they are enabled.

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7.Upgrade the OFSAA v8.0.x.x.x instance to the OFSAA v8.1.x.x.x instance on the machine where the Oracle Solaris SPARC or Oracle Linux operating system is installed.

To upgrade to an OFSAA v8.1.x.x.x model, see the upgrade sections in the Application Installation Guide on OHC.

You can skip the steps related to the description described in the Upgrades of Entry Scholarships section as they are not required in this migration. With the recent growth of the public cloud, more and more companies are migrating their infrastructure, applications and databases to the Cloud. Database migration is one of the most important parts of any migration, and yes, it can be a difficult task for a number of reasons:

Oracle data migration to Google Cloud is one of the most popular cases used by many organizations and is focused on starting their journey.

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It all starts with an assessment; this is the most important part of the integration. It is important to spend time during the evaluation to analyze the sources of information in order to establish the right candidates for different migrations and routes.

Where you maintain a single database engine, but you’re just moving from an on-premises installation to the cloud. Re-enable the database in the cloud without changing the platform (OS) or changing the application. There are several ways to achieve this in Google Cloud:

To migrate Oracle workloads and specific configurations, Google Cloud offers the Bare Metal solution, which allows you to scale and move your workloads. Bare Metal Solution provides hardware, hardware support, and billing and support. This infrastructure is connected to a very strong connection and connects to all the original Google Cloud services with a delay of less than 2ms.

Migrate Oracle Database From Aix To Linux

There are customers looking to migrate databases from on-premise (physical or VMware) to the Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE). Many customers choose this lift-and-change approach as a first step to quickly migrate databases to Google Cloud before starting database upgrades and new workflows.

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GCVE is a fully managed service that allows you to run a VMware platform on Google Cloud. This solution includes vSphere, vCenter, vSAN, NSX-T and similar tools. A VMware GCVE environment runs natively on top of Google Cloud’s bare metal infrastructure in some Google Cloud locations, and the GCVE service includes all the features needed to help use VMware platforms efficiently and effectively. security. Each cluster has a minimum of three nodes and provides high availability through vSphere High Availability.

VMware HCX VMware HCX is used to migrate virtual machines from your on-premises VMware environment to Google Cloud VMware Engine. GCVE requires the HCX Plugin OVA to download, install, install, and configure on-premise and private cloud. A 1:1 correspondence between on-premises vCenters and HCX Connection appliances. For example, if there are 10 data centers with VMware installations, each vCenter must have a plug-in installed.

PlateSpin Migrate PlateSpin Migrate is a data center migration tool that unpacks your computing infrastructure (operating system, applications and data) to migrate physical servers to target server platforms such as VMware hypervisors. A common use case involves a two-way migration when migrating to GCVE, starting with local P2V and then V2V to GCVE via HCX.

Keep the application from changing when adopting cloud-compatible platforms or helping to extract additional value as operations migrate to the cloud. Keep your core application code and migrate to a new platform to reduce licensing and maintenance costs.

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