How To Move Programs From One Drive To Another

How To Move Programs From One Drive To Another – Although it is not recommended to move software files to another drive, you can still do this job. It’s a secret before creating a backup image.

You may know that most programs are installed in C: drive, and usually, in the program files for 64-bit programs and the program files (x86) for 32-bit programs. Both are close to Windows and if they are in their place they can’t go wrong. It is not safe to transfer software to other drives.

How To Move Programs From One Drive To Another

How To Move Programs From One Drive To Another

If possible, it is not recommended to transfer the program file to another drive. You can check if you are in the following situation and then if you want to do it.

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Over time, the system partition may run out of space due to growing software, and the PC may even slow down. Things can get worse if you install a lot of software on your computer.

In this case, if you don’t want to remove them, try moving the television software and software (x86) from the C drive to the D drive or another partition with enough space, then install the newly installed software to save the new partition. for the C drive. .

Today it is not uncommon to move the OS to a smaller SSD and use it for storage. But the problem is that the SSD can be run very fast if you put a lot of programs on it. Therefore, some users may want to free up disk space on the SSD or directly transfer program files and program documents (x86) from the SSD to the HDD. In this case, you have the benefits of both SSD and HDD.

If they are placed on one or both sides above, you can use the safe method. Then how easy is that? You can choose to do image backup (if you want) with free backup software, AOMEI Standard Backup, for example. Therefore, you will restore the PC to normal without interruption.

How To Move The

After that, you are free to try the following 4 ways to drive different software programs, using Register, mklink, Move or App engine.

The first way is to change the location of the program files from C to D or another partition and work on a clean installation window. First you need to do the following two things;

First, copy the “Program Files” and “Program Files (x86)” folders to a new location. Run CMD as an administrator, type the following command and press Enter.

How To Move Programs From One Drive To Another

The second method is to use the command prompt to create a symbolic link. Icon links are similar to shortcuts to programs, folders and pages that are attached to the desktop. Simply put, when Windows or any other program tries to access a folder, the symbolic link moves it to a new location.

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Learn how to transfer program files from C to D safely as follows. This also applies to transferring software files from SSD to HDD.

Step 3. Copy paste this command and press Enter. Learn the typemklinkin windows command and the necessary parameters if you don’t remember this command.

Then, you can use C:Program Files as the default installation path but all installed files will be stored in D:Program Files.

You can also use Mklink/J to link a target (even as a hard page) to make files or folders appear as they exist instead of symbolic links. From the example above, you can type asmklink /J “Program Files” “D:Program Files”.

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If you want to delete the old software, type “mklink /j” with the full drive letter and path of the old and new location files.

This feature can not only move programs from C drive to D drive, but also programs. Just try yourself.

Step 1. Go to the start menu > Settings > System > Apps & features, you will see a list of programs.

How To Move Programs From One Drive To Another

Step 2. Select an application and click the Move option under the specific application, and select another location.

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In addition, you can still try AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional software and file management software to move from C to D or SSD to HDD. It is a disk management software for Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista. Please download to your computer and install.

Except for the whole program file folder, some users want to move the steam game into the program file, like the following case. The method of migration will be added later, please see the scroll down.

“I’m on windows 10, and I need to move a folder to my D drive. It says that the copy paste doesn’t work, and I need to delete it and extract it. This is a problem because the file is superimposed. 36 GB, and most of the games are steam. Is it how else to do this?”

Step 1. Go to the steam library site. If you’re not sure, you can look up this information in the Steam Properties section.

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Step 2 Close the Steam game, then copy and paste the entire Steam folder to a new location, this is the D:Steam folder.

Before restarting Steam.exeit, it is recommended to install it to update all shortcuts. Download the tool from and the new location as the folder location, this is the D:Steam folder, at the end, click install Steam.exe.

As before, transferring program files from C to D or transferring programs from SSD to HDD can stop the system from working, it is necessary to reset the system and the data on it. Among the widely used free backup software, AOMEI Standard Backup is a good choice.

How To Move Programs From One Drive To Another

You can easily restore your system with System Backup, and restore system files from an external hard drive or other device if something goes wrong. In addition, it still helps by creating a bootable USB or CD/DVD, so that you can check your computer even if it fails.

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To protect your OS, download this software and install it on your computer. This software only applies to Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista. For experienced users, try AOMEI Backup Server.

Step 1. Launch AOMEI Latin Back, you will see a blue interface. Click Back Account under the Back tab. It will automatically select all the related firewalls for Windows and unlock its software programs.

Step 2. Here, you just need to select the partition to save the backup image and click Start Backup. to return everything to the card section.

Wait a moment and you will have a system backup image on your computer. If you are worried about boot failure due to software files, you can create a bootable USB or CD/DVD.

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Click Tools and go to Create Bootable Media, then type the bootable disk (Windows PE or Linux) and storage device (USB, CD/DVD or ISO file). Make sure to click Next on each step.

1. Reboot your computer into BIOS and set USB boot as the first boot option, save changes and reboot.

2. Select Restore and file image to find the backup image, select this system image and restore path, finally click Start Restore.

How To Move Programs From One Drive To Another

In addition, you can use the backup system, drive programs to another Windows 10 or transfer to another system. In this case, you can do this work without any problems, especially long-term work. Put the following features into the backup process:

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Backup Options: You can send email notifications to check if your backup service is running correctly, set normal or high pressure levels, intelligent regions, backup services, etc.

Schedule adjustment: You can replace the system with different frequency, daily, weekly, monthly. You can use an action trigger or a USB plug-in (for a USB flash drive backup system automatically when plugged in) and both are available in professional versions.

Backup Strategy: You can change the backup method from incremental backup to differential backup, which does not require all backups to be corrupted for system recovery. In addition, you can regularly delete old backup images so that your backup disk always has enough space for new backups. You can upgrade to a higher edition using these features.

This article gives you 3 ways to help you transfer software files to other Windows 11/10/8/7, you can try one or all of them. To make sure that your system or programs always work, you still need to create a system image of Windows 10 or another system. If something goes wrong, you can easily restore your computer to an earlier date without having to reinstall Windows and software.

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It can also be a great help if you want to protect your account regularly. It allows you to set up Windows 10 backups on daily/weekly/monthly/triennial/USB schedules. The last two features are available in AOMEI Backupper Professional. If there is an update, you can try further, such as differential backup, backup plan, etc. This page contains two safe ways to help you move installed programs from the C drive to the D drive in Windows 10/11. By using PC transfer software or Windows Settings, you can avoid the tedious task of installing and reinstalling.

When your C drive has a low disk space problem in Windows 10/11, it is a good idea to move installed programs from C.

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