How To Move A WordPress Site To Another Host

How To Move A WordPress Site To Another Host – You can transfer ownership of a site or blog to another account by following the steps in this guide

Select your profile picture in the upper right corner of your dashboard, then select Manage Blog Alternatively, you can visit my blog page here

How To Move A WordPress Site To Another Host

How To Move A WordPress Site To Another Host

Hover your mouse over the site you want to migrate and select the Migrate Blog link that appears You’ll only see the option to transfer a site if you own it:

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Carefully read the warning message that appears on the next screen If you want to proceed with the transfer, check the boxes to confirm and continue:

In the box that appears, enter the username or email address of the account you want to transfer the site to, then select Transfer Blog. These guidelines apply to both sites and blogs

A transfer confirmation email will be sent to you at the email address associated with your account To proceed with the transfer, follow the link in the email Any upgrades you purchase for this site will be transferred to the new owner

The transfer will be completed after you follow the confirmation link in the email You will be returned to my blog page with the following confirmation message:

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If you have plugins or custom themes installed on your site, you will not have access to the settings shown in this guide. Instead, please transfer the domain(s) first and then contact us to transfer the site to the new owner for you.

Domain owners are required to provide current and valid contact information After transferring domains, please remember to update the new owner with their domain contact information Being a website development company, we deal with website development, re-designing old websites and migrating an existing website from one hosting server to another.

Not only for WordPress website development projects but we also take calls for WordPress website migration. This is because WordPress is most popular among bloggers and professionals who are not tech savvy. Here we will share with you the process of migrating WordPress website from one hosting server to another Let’s see what we need before starting the migration

How To Move A WordPress Site To Another Host

To move a WordPress website, we need to move two things First, files with your media files, themes, plugins and other WordPress files The second and most important thing is the database WordPress uses a MySQL database and a reference to the same can be found in the config.php file

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The first thing we are going to do is download the WordPress file Log in to your hosting panel and navigate to the files If you are using Cpanel, you will find these files in the “public_html” directory If you’re using another panel like Place, you can probably find your files in “htdocs”. You can select all the files at once and compress them and upload them for quick processing or you can upload them sequentially using FTP software like Filezilla. , which we use for most file transfer processes

Second, we will download the MySQL database You are already in the hosting panel, look for the database option Navigate to “PhpMyAdmin”, click on the database name on the left and click on the “Export” link in the top menu to download the database in SQL format. Now you have both files and database downloaded which now need to be uploaded to a new hosting server

Now login to the new hosting panel and navigate to the files If you download a compressed file, upload the file to the Files section and extract For databases, you first need to create an empty database and database user Put the password of the database user in Notepad, which we will use for configuration in step 4. Once the database user is created, give him rights to the newly created database. Now navigate to “phpMyAdmin”, select Database and upload the database to it

Now your everything is moved to the new server Download WordPress “config.php” to the directory where you downloaded the files Open the file in any text editor and change the username, database name and password and upload the same again to replace the old one.

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Now you have uploaded everything and configured the conifig.php file The last step is to map the name server to a new server in the Domains panel Wait a few hours for DNS propagation and your website should be available using the new hosting server

The WordPress migration process is not as easy as it sounds If caught with a mechanical glitch, it can be a frustrating and time-consuming process Below are the possible problems we share based on our experience

It is facing a problem while moving wordpress website Different hosting servers have a different time frame for downloading files and if your database file is not downloaded on time, it may leave some data. The same thing can happen when downloading database from previous hosting This is one of the biggest problems we encounter when migrating WordPress websites To resolve this issue, you should contact your hosting provider and they can help you upload/download the database.

How To Move A WordPress Site To Another Host

Character encoding is the type of data encoding used by a database Different servers may have a different default setting for database encoding The error looks like “#1273-Unknown collection: ‘utfxxxx_xxx_xx'”.

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To overcome this problem, you can open the SQL file in a text editor and change the data encoding type. Unfortunately, if you are not a mechanical person, this can be difficult for you

This is the second most common problem that we encounter Technically speaking, this happens because of a mismatch in the encoding of the .htaccess file responsible for writing URLs.

To solve this problem, you can simply log into your wp-admin, navigate to “Dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks” and save without making any changes.

If you enabled SSL with your previous hosting server, you must enable SSL on your current hosting. Otherwise website set with https path will give SSL error If you didn’t have SSL with your previous hosting and you have it with your current hosting or vice versa, you log into phpMyAdmin, open the WordPress “Options” tab and change the http/https prefix to “siteurl” and “home” accordingly. In the “option_value” field

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If you are still facing any problem or just need help running your hosting, you can contact us. We can also get you the best hosting plans As your site continues to grow, moving from to will provide a higher level of control, customization options, and features.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about migrating your site from to We will list all the essential plugins to install and share some tips and tricks for a smooth transition

By the end of this guide, you’ll know how to migrate your blog to, the benefits of doing so, and any common mistakes you should avoid.

How To Move A WordPress Site To Another Host is a freemium blogging service that makes it easy for anyone to create a website using WordPress software. Since all its plans include a free domain and website hosting, you don’t need to find a separate hosting company or domain registrar.

Best Free WordPress Migration Plugins offers all the tools you need to create a blog However, the ability to install plugins and access some advanced features only comes with the premium plan

Each premium plan offers a free domain for one year, removes all WordPress ads, and includes email support.

This self-hosted version of WordPress requires users to register a domain name and purchase a plan with a hosting provider. You also need to install WordPress on your website To make the process easier, most hosting providers offer a one-click WordPress installation feature offers a wider variety of plugins and themes than, offering a greater selection of customization options, useful features, and learning resources.

Use The Site Editor

People with more experience in web development will have more freedom to change their site’s code than

Generally, offers more support when building a website, while offers more ownership over it. If you want to go into more detail, read our guide on vs

Before going through the migration process, we will list all the necessary steps before moving from to

How To Move A WordPress Site To Another Host

To set up an independent WordPress site, you need to register a domain and purchase a hosting service.

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Some web hosting providers offer these two services as a single package For example, the WordPress Starter Plan comes with free domain registration and costs $2.99/month.

Buying a domain name is very important if you haven’t already bought one However, if you already have a custom domain name and just want an affordable plan, the WordPress Single plan costs $1.99/month.

If you purchased a domain name from, you will need to point that domain to your chosen web host. We offer two simple ways to register a domain name – changing servers at the domain name registrar or through a record.

For example, all servers come with extra layers of security to monitor and protect your WordPress site. They are also used

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