Free Money Discord Server

Free Money Discord Server – Discord is introducing a new way for creators to earn money by giving community members access to paid subscriber-only content. The new premium membership offering was among the company’s most requested features and would bring in a new revenue stream internally, while Discord-based communities have the option to streamline the tools they use to grow.

Through premium membership, Discord communities can place all or part of their content through a payment gateway. Servers can remain free and open with a premium paid channel for the most dedicated members, or an entire community can go premium, requiring payment for access.

Free Money Discord Server

Free Money Discord Server

The company calls the premium membership an “initial pilot” for now, and the feature will roll out first to a small group of communities who will test the paid features and offer feedback. Communities in the small trial group for premium membership include a gaming boot camp that provides tutorials and advice, the Trance Community Center, and StreamProfessor, a server for tutorials on streaming technology.

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“It’s important that we make running Discord communities more sustainable,” said Derek Yang, Discord’s Product Manager for Product Creators. Yang said the company has not set a date for a broad launch of premium subscriptions and is taking it one step at a time to get the product right.

Many Discord communities use third-party services like Patreon to manage access to premium content. With the option brought into Discord itself, communities can create custom levels of perks that members can subscribe to along with existing payments they would make for Discord’s own premium Nitro features.

The company plans to cut 10% of paid subscriptions, though that number could change in the future depending on how it experiments with creator monetization. In May, the company began testing Ticket Virtual Events, its first feature that allowed creators to earn money on the platform.

“As we talked to more and more creators, we wanted to make sure they could not only build, but maintain and sustain these incredible communities,” the company said in a blog post. “And we are already seeing that community members are willing to pay creators for the value that is created.” Discord is a powerful chat platform – originally designed for games – specializing in text, image, video and audio communication between users. In recent years, it has become a popular way to create profitable subscription-based chat communities.

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It is used to launch paid communities for everything from nonprofit funding, premium cooking groups, expert communities, stock alert groups and financial transactions, to supporting podcasts and YouTube creators.

With LaunchPass, you can create a paid Discord group in literally five minutes. This small guide aims to guide you through the entire process.

Log in to LaunchPass to join your Discord. You do this by clicking the “Login with Discord” button in the top right corner.

Free Money Discord Server

Select your new Discord server from the drop-down menu and click “Allow” so LaunchPass can send invites and manage members.

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Click “Billing” in the top right corner to start your 14-day free trial. This will allow you to start charging for access to your group.

Once you start your process, you will have the option to connect your own Stripe account or link your bank directly. Click “Settings” to link your own Stripe account or “Link your debit card” to link your bank directly. If you want to join your own track, remember to do so before getting subscribers.

Now that you’re ready to make your paid offer, you have two options. A “paid group” sells access to an entire Discord server, while a “paid channel” sells access to the Discord server with the addition of a private channel and role of the same name. New members will receive the Discord invite once their payment has been processed.

For our purposes, we will create a “paid channel” called “Premium”. One benefit of this is that when a member accepts your invitation, they also have the “Premium” role added. Roles are a great way to sell access to different sets of privileges and channels. You can also create as many “paid placements” offers as you like.

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For our proposal, we placed our logo, added a YouTube video, named our paid channel, provided a 3-day free trial, a $99/month fee, and added a description of what members will receive for purchasing access to the community .

All we have to do is define our branding styles and publish our page. You now have a link to share with your audience that they can use to subscribe to your new Discord community!

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Free Money Discord Server

How to Set Up Discord Server Subscriptions (Plus Ideas to Get Started) Learn how to make money from your Discord community.

Discord’s New Server Subscription Service Offers A 90/10 Revenue Split

I am a firm believer that businesses can use Discord to connect with their customers and provide them with content they care about. In addition to helping manage a Discord community for an independent publication, I also enjoy writing about possible uses for Discord here on the blog.

So when Discord released its server subscription functionality late last year, I was excited to see how server owners could use it to build professional communities.

Here, I’ll show you what I found and how you can use Discord server subscriptions to make money for yourself or your business.

Discord server subscriptions allow server owners to monetize their servers using a one- to three-tier subscription model. The feature was made available to all users in December 2022.

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Here’s how it works: Members of your Discord server pay a monthly fee to gain access to exclusive content, resources, and communities. You can keep parts of your server behind your subscription or require a subscription for any access to your server.

As per Discord’s monetization terms, Discord collects 10% of your subscription revenue. This policy makes the subscription cut roughly the same or slightly more than Patreon, depending on your tier price.

It is also worth noting that you must earn a minimum of $100 to withdraw your server subscription earnings.

Free Money Discord Server

You will need to have a Discord server in the first place to add subscriptions to it. I explained how to create a server in the blog post on creating a community if you need help.

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With that all taken care of, click on the server name in the top left corner of the server and choose Server Settings.

If you haven’t already done so, convert your server to a community using the prompt at the top of the Server Subscriptions page or the Enable Community option in the Server Settings menu. Click Get Started on this page to start the setup.

After installing the community server, create a high-quality welcome experience to enhance your members’ time with the server. Also have a plan for how you will manage your community.

When you have a community server, the prompt at the top of the server’s Subscriptions page will be Start Earning. If you meet the monetization requirements, you can check a box and click the button. Otherwise, Discord will walk you through the requirements when you select the button.

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Before you can mess with your membership levels, Discord will ask you to create a team and add your payment information.

Click the Create Team button to access Discord’s Developer Settings in your browser. From there, click New Team to add members to the server management team and set up payment options through Stripe.

With your team ready, choose them as your pay team on the Server Subscriptions page to gain access to all features.

Free Money Discord Server

Start with the Basic Information tab, where you can determine your subscription’s uniqueness, describe your subscription program, and add a cover photo.

What Is Discord

As its name implies, the Emoji tab allows you to upload up to 25 subscriber-exclusive emojis. You can decide which layers can use an emoji when loading it.

From there, you can go to the Payments tab at any time to check your revenue and subscribers. Here you can also check your transaction history and change your payment team.

Your server promo page is the page that will appear in the Discord server directory advertising your subscription.

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