Ark Server Pve

Ark Server Pve – If you are familiar with setting up a game server, you can probably agree that the process is quite difficult. The same is true for the popular game Ark: Survival Evolved. Without guidance or technical knowledge, you may not be able to achieve the best results.

On that note, to help you get the best results, our resident gamer shares tips on getting the best Ark server settings.

Ark Server Pve

Ark Server Pve

These concepts are the first thing you need to understand before setting up a server. How the system works, to start, as a server manager in the game, you can decide to share the server with players with default settings.

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This fact will not motivate players to explore the server further. Your main goal as a server administrator is to make sure that the players on the server can play the game. This helps make the game competitive.

As a new admin, you can explore the best single player settings for Ark. This checklist will help you with where to start.

When you set the difficulty level to 0.5, it will increase the dinosaur level. Not only this, the drop in loot will increase. Level 0.2, which is the default setting, is for more experienced players.

Setting the XP multiplier to 0.75 gives you room to make slow moves. Additionally, it allows admins to host a second week of XP.

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Do you like dinosaurs? The best way to achieve this is to set the taming speed to 3. This will increase the game’s features and allow you to control the dinosaurs easily,

You can consider it cheaper if you set up your server in PvP. This will make the dinosaur walk more dangerous.

Every player in Ark Survival must use dinosaurs to gather resources. So, setting dino crop damage to 5 gives you more room for exploration. Players will spread the map to find the best dino to quickly collect resources.

Ark Server Pve

You can only set the Dino count to 3 if you are willing to dedicate enough rigs to the game. Good players can customize this setting as the perfect opportunity to find the best tame.

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While some players hate not having a cross, others love it. However, you can leave this at the player’s discretion for more immersion.

You can disable this setting for PvP players, while for non-PvP players, you can leave it on. Although this may result in a strange arrangement, this setting has many advantages.

Flying Flyer is a fun game feature. However, as happy as it is, it can be boring. Imagine taking a friend on a dinosaur, and they accidentally fall to their death. This is a surprise, but the pleasure goes beyond this.

Setting the resource-free radius depends on several factors. If you allow players to set up shops near resources or support multiple small bases, this setting should be less than 1.

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However, if you intend for your players to colonize the world [1] for resources, then this setting is greater than 1.

Of all the settings in Box: Survival Evolved, this is the one you should tweak every time. The reason is that the crips take it all day long. If you play every week, you can set this to a higher size.

This guide provides insight into getting the best Ark server settings. However, if you need more skills, you can use the one provided by Studio Wildcard. It’s also a great way to get better results with your server.

Ark Server Pve

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