1u Rack Mount Power Supply

1u Rack Mount Power Supply – PDUPyle-Pro PDBC70 15A 1800VA Rack Mount Power Supply Surge Filter with Switch and 9 Outlets BLACK

POWER SUPPLY PROTECTION: To protect your equipment from fluctuations, surges or surges during storms or power outages, PDU Surge Protection Tape has 150 joules of energy dissipation and 1200 amps of peak impulse current to protect your equipment.

1u Rack Mount Power Supply

1u Rack Mount Power Supply

A total of nine outlets are provided on the back panel, which allows you to convert one outlet into nine outlets with a power extension cord equipped with a surge filter. You can use the front power switch to completely turn off the devices when not in use, thus saving electricity and energy.

Startech.com 1u 19 Inch 8 Port Rack Mount Pdu

Eliminates unwanted radio frequency (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) from your electronics at home or at work with built-in AC noise filters. This will increase the stability of your devices and extend the life of your electronic devices.

9 SPECIFIC FEATURES: Nine power switches on the front panel are convenient for adjusting the power flow to any of your devices. Designed to fit into a 1U rack, this power supply provides easy cable management without the need for additional equipment.

DURABLE: Built with a durable metal body and front panel, and a 6-foot power cord (3 × 14 AWG) that withstands light stretching, this mini charging station transforms any space Always AC to be a small charging station for smartphones and laptops in use. great charger.

Push to Reset – 15A rated power with automatic circuit breaker – The perfect solution for power management of your devices.

Monoprice 12 Outlet Abs Basic 1u Rackmount Pdu Power Distribution Unit, Nema 5 15r Surge Protected Socket Outlets, 6ft Cord, 1050 Joules

Surge protection is safely controlled. Eliminates unwanted Radio Frequency (RFI) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) – Power cord (approx. 6 feet) (3×14 AWG) • Weight 5.5 lbs

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1u Rack Mount Power Supply

The highly efficient design provides 24 VAC with an available maximum of 8 A in only 1U of rack space.

Adastra 1u Pdu 6uk Power Distribution Unit

Neat, quick and easy installation is easily achieved with “plug & play” rear connections. The terminator has a four-pin plug that comes from a socket embedded in the PCB and allows easy connection of each pair of outputs. This output board is on the back of the case, next to the IEC C14 power connector.

Common uses include powering CCTV cameras and camera heaters or anywhere there is limited rack space.

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Outlet Rack Mount Power Strip/pdu 16a

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1u Rack Mount Power Supply

In Stock 24V AC 4A Power Supply in Mild Steel Case Part Number: DA390 Quick Link: 0119000 Login or register to see prices

Dps 800 2 Slot Rack Mount Chassis For Select D Link Dps Redundant Power Supplies

Order by request IP Camera Power Supply Part No: WCS1-4 Quick Link: 0188330 Login or register to view prices

Please order 2U Rack Mount Power Supply 230V 16A with 16 Isolated AC 24V 1A Outputs Part Number: DA444-16 Quick Link: 0517540 Login or register to see prices PR12V20A-16P is a Rack Mount Power Supply. With 16 products protected by reusable fuses, rated at 1.25 amps each, you have a great power source for your daily needs.

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1u Rack Mount Power Supply

Intellinet 561686 6-Port Fast Ethernet Switch with 4 PoE Ports, 1 High Power PoE Port, One 60W PoE PSE Ports, Three IEEE 802.3at/af PSE PoE Ports, 65W PoE Power Budget, PoE Expansion Mode, . ..

U Power Supply Range

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Tripp Lite 1u Rack Mount Power Strip 120v 12 Outlets 15 Feet Cord · Av Gear

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