1u 2u 3u 4u Server

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A rack unit (abbreviated U or RU) is a unit of measurement defined as 1+ 3 ⁄4 inches (44.45 mm).

1u 2u 3u 4u Server

1u 2u 3u 4u Server

It is mostly used as a measure of the total height of 19-inch and 23-inch rack frames, as well as the height of the equipment placed in those frames, where the height of the frame or equipment is expressed as a multiple of the rack units. For example, a typical full-size cage is 42U high, while equipment is usually 1U, 2U, 3U or 4U high.

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The size of the rack unit is based on a standard rack specification as defined in EIA-310. Eurocard defines a standard rack unit as a height unit. also defines a similar unit, horizontal pitch (HP), used to measure the width of rack-mounted equipment. The standard was adopted worldwide as IEC 60297 Mechanical structures for electronic equipment – Dimensions of mechanical structures of the 482.6 mm (19 in) series and defines the dimensions for rack, subrack (a shelf-like chassis in which cards can be placed) , and pitch of printed circuit boards / cards that provide physical compatibility of technological equipment, usually in telecommunications.

1+ 3 ⁄4 inches (44.45 mm), a front panel or filler panel on a shelf is not an exact multiple of this height. To give space between adjacent components that are placed on a shelf, there is a panel

1 ⁄32 inch (0.03125 inch or 0.794 mm) less height than the full number of rack units would indicate. So a 1U front panel would be 1

Height 23⁄32 inches (1.71875 inches or 43.66 mm). If n is the number of rack units, the ideal formula for the panel height is h = (1.75n – 0.031) for inches and h = (44.45n – 0.794) for millimeters. The construction allows measurements with less precision.

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Mounting hole spacing (as shown right) differs for 19-inch racks and 23-inch racks: 19-inch racks use unev spacing (as shown right) while 23-inch racks use spaced mounting holes. Although it is called a 19-inch rack unit, the actual mounting dimensions of a 19-inch rack unit are 18

The 19-inch rack format with 1.75-inch (44.45 mm) rack units was established as a standard by AT&T around 1922 to reduce the space required for repeater and termination equipment in a telephone company office.

Which means it holds just over 6 feet (180 cm) of equipment, and a typical “half-height” rack is 18–22 U, which is about 3 feet (91 cm) tall.

1u 2u 3u 4u Server

While there is no official specification for “half rack”, the term “half-rack” can have several distinct meanings: It can describe equipment that fits in a certain number of rack units, but occupies only half of ‘ e width of a 19-inch rack (9.5 inches (241.30 mm)). These are typically used when a piece of equipment does not require full rack width, but may require more than 1U of height.

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For example, a “4U half-rack” DVCAM deck occupies 4U (7 in) high × 9.5 in wide, and theoretically two 4U half-rack decks can be placed side by side and occupy 4U of space. It can also describe a unit that is 1U high and half the depth of a 4-bay rack (such as a network switch, router, KVM switch, or server), so that two units can fit in a 1U space ( one placed at the front of the rack and one at the back). When used to describe the rack enclosure itself, the term “half rack” typically means a rack enclosure that is half the height (22 U height). There is also a large “half rack width” used in IT applications where a device corresponds to a width of less than 9.5″, so that these devices can be used “half rack width” in a chassis system that fits in traditional rack space 19 “. , but allows these 8.4-inch wide “half rack width” devices to be easily inserted and removed without tools or the need to remove adjacent hardware. This “half-width rack” concept is popular in applications where IT equipment is used by military personnel who cannot use traditional 1U full-depth IT equipment due to their large size.

May vary by shelf. Fixing rails can be No. 10-32 (Unified Thread Standard), No. 12-24, metric M6 threaded or universal square holes. General square holes become the most common because they allow the insertion of replaceable cage nuts for the type of thread required.

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